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Socioeconomic growth plan of Russia lasting until 2030

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has presented a long-term...

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Logo Turboflex 2.jpgTurboflex Rautex GmbH  (Deutschland)

Access to the CIS markets. Organization of business. Search for business partners. Marketing activities.  Deliveries. Customs clearance. Control of payments.



Logo Terema.jpgTEREMA GmbH   (Deutschland)

Analysis of the laundry equipment market in Russia. Search for business partners. Organization of sales.



GARS LOGO.jpg   Horliwsky auto repair factory  (Ukraine)

   The investment project.



Logo Brico.jpgBRICO Decoracion y Proyectos, S.L.  (Spain)

Access to the market of Ukraine. Search for business partners. Organization of sales. Representation services.



Logo Suzusan.jpgSUZUSAN  (Deutschland-Japan)

Access to the market of Ukraine and Russia. Representation services. Search for business partners



aqua-logo1.jpgAqua-WebStudio Ltd  (Ukraine)

Access to the German market. Representation services. Outsourcing projects



Infol.jpgINFOL Ltd.  (Ukraine)

Analysis of the European market language laboratories. Search for suppliers



logo makklining.jpgMakklining  (Ukraine)

Analysis of the German market paint products. Search for suppliers