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Your benefits

  • Our mutual co-operation will simplify the task of your business expansion into the markets of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS-countries, and will help you make the right strategic decisions in the initial stage.


  • You may achieve your goals faster and in more efficient way, save time and money due to entrusting us with the management of your project or participation in it (the degree of involvement is defined by the customer).


  • You will avoid various problems of international nature, which may have undesirable effects.


  • You will be able to analyze the market situation correctly and to position your product or service in a proper way, as well as to work out successful pricing policy and find effective sales channels.


  • You will save time and money, delegating us the rights to implement such tasks as market analysis, search of business partners, their evaluation, organization of negotiations, running marketing activities, personnel selection, etc.


  • You will discover new horizons, strengthen the position of your business, find distributors for your product, outsource partners, acquire a company or real estate on the CIS-market.  You will gain invaluable experience and build up a base for further development of your business in the target market.


  • Our company will become a reliable partner to you, acting in your best interest, ensuring professional support, accompanying you in realization of your plans being concerned about your success.


  • We can serve as a link between you and your partner in the initial stage, acting as your representative, therefore coordinating and optimizing your interaction.


  • The costs of our services are relatively small, and considerably small compared with the achieved result.