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Turnkey enterprise (Build-Operate-Transfer)

If you plan to open a representative office, branch, dealing with sales, orders' collection, service maintenance or other activities, we can help  you with the creation of a company on the turnkey basis, so-called BOT model (Build-Operate-Transfer), as the model preceding registration of a private enterprise.  The nature of this model is that the contractor creates an object (build), runs it for some period of time (operate), and then transfers it to the customer (transfer).


In our case this works as follows:


  • we select a team of professionals in order to realize your project in Russia, Ukraine or other CIS-countries;
  • we assign selected personnel to our staff and place them in rented and equipped office;
  • over the course of the project, this team will become well-coordinated, will receive extensive instructions and trainings, learn about the structure and features of your business, and corporate culture;
  • at the end of the specified term, the formed staff will be transferred to your company, becoming your local representative or branch office.


Your benefits:

     - rapid entry into the new market;

     - resource savings;

     - acceleration of development and adjustment of business-processes;

     - reduction of financial, administrative and legal risks.