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Outsourcing and offshore-outsourcing of services allow businessmen to broaden their horizons.  Today it is quite popular to relocate production in order to reduce expenses or place orders for production in countries with low wages, such as China, India and others. It is a common practice to entrust such tasks as accounting, engineering, design, programming, logistics, marketing, sales, personnel search, customer service, etc to competent organizations. When planning entry into foreign markets, offshore-outsourcing may become very efficient or even the only correct solution for enterprises which lack experience in entering foreign markets or have no knowledge of the target market peculiarities.


In its work, European Market Solutions exploits the advantages of certain processes and entrusts some functions to highly professional experts, which is nothing else but outsourcing and offshore-outsourcing. We undertake tasks, which can be a matter of difficulty to our clients due to distance, language, cultural or other specific barriers, or which require special knowledge and experience. Making decision to co-operate with us, you gain a reliable partner and a good chance to achieve your goals in more quick and efficient way.


If you need an outsourcing partner in CIS-countries in such fields as:

       - execution of production orders (private label)

       - programming

       - engineering

       - marketing research

       - design

       - project engineering,

we are ready to help you find reliable partners, and we can remain a connecting link between you and partner company at the initial stage.