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List of services

  • Consulting on conditions and peculiarities of conducting business on target market of CIS-countries
  • Marketing research for products/services, evaluation of market volume and potential. 
  • Competition analysis and evaluation of customer business' competitiveness. 
  • Assessment of opportunities and risks, determination of success factors for certain markets.
  • Assistance in developing the market entering strategy.
  • Project management and coordination of all experts and specialists involved.
  • Representation services.
  • Assistance in enterprise establishment or acquisition.
  • Staff recruitment and finding of office premises.
  • Assistance in organization of business accounting.
  • Search of business partners (sales representatives, importers, distributors, suppliers, subcontractors, and customers).
  • Translation of any documents in target market language and their adaptation
  • Organization of business trips (with support and security if needed).
  • Assistance in participation in tenders, conferences and seminars.
  • Services of interpreters at negotiations, trade fairs, etc.
  • Assistance in property purchase.
  • Organization and supervision of construction projects.