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Joint venture

There may be many reasons for the establishment of a joint venture with a foreign company, which may become profitable or even an obligatory condition for the successful business development on this market.  Benefits include, for example, the use of special knowledge, technologies, experience of the foreign partner or access to his sales channels.  If you have an intention to combine your business efforts with a Russian, Ukrainian or other CIS company, we could offer you the following services:


  • Market analysis for products/services, assessment of market size and potential.
  • Competition analysis and assessment of business competitiveness. 
  • Assessment of opportunities and risks, determination of success factors for certain market.
  • Search of potential business partners, estimation and establishment of contacts. 
  • Assistance in organization of business trips (tickets, hotel room reservation, etc.)
  • Help of an interpreter at negotiations and business trips.
  • Legal consulting on establishment of joint venture.
  • Project management and communication between all parties involved.
  • Representative services.