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Joint project

This section includes services in the form of turnkey solutions, which give you other ways of entering the CIS-markets.  In one way or another they all will help your company to establish contacts with companies operating on the target market. As well as export, they offer you a quite simple and riskless way to enter the markets of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS-countries.


The incentive for a joint project with a partner company on the CIS-market includes the following potential benefits:


- reducing time of target market launch;

- reduction of risks in comparison with independent entry into the market;

- involvement of highly qualified personnel;

- possibility of using the position of partner on the market;

- overcoming market barriers (e.g. customs);

- acquisition of licenses;

- access to distribution network, partners' logistics;

- preservation of partial control over business development on the market.


European Market Solutions can help you to use these benefits and achieve stated goals on certain markets by offering the following solutions: