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Direct investments

Direct investment is the most comprehensive form of economic activity on the foreign market, being at the same time the most expensive and complicated. As a rule, there are many reasons for the establishment of an own overseas venture or acquisition of an existing one, such as certain experience of export deliveries to that market or product distinction on the market, etc.


Incentive for investment in CIS-countries for your enterprise may include the following benefits:


  • reduction of time to market;
  • reduction of expenses;
  • receipt of benefits, presented to foreign investors;
  • receipt of status of the national manufacturer (e.g. in case of enterprise acquisition);
  • reduction of delivery terms and transportation costs, etc. (in case of warehouse creation);
  • creation of positive image and loyal attitude on the market due to workplaces creation, active PR, establishment of close relationship and direct communication with target groups on the market;
  • receipt of already created technical basis and availability of highly qualified personnel (in case of acquisition);
  • overcoming market barriers (e.g. customs);
  • distinction acquisition, existing distribution network and customer base, logistics, obtained licenses, etc. when purchasing the company;
  • preservation of partial control over development on the market.


European Market Solutions can assist you in realization of these benefits and achieving your goals on certain market.