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Contract manufacturing (private label)

One of the modern trends in business is placing orders for manufacturing of various products under own brand (private label). The main motivation here is price reduction, that is why the main contractors are located in Asian countries. At the same time, many enterprises of CIS-countries also have enormous technological potential for high-quality and cost-effective execution of orders of European firms, and in terms of logistics and communications they are even more beneficial than the Asian. 


If the contract manufacturing (private label) is an issue of interest to you, European Market Solutions may offer the following services:


  • Search of potential business partners (manufacturers or customers), their evaluation and establishment of contacts
  • Assistance in organization of business trips (tickets, hotel room reservation, etc.)
  • Help of an interpreter at negotiations and business trips.
  • Project management and communication between all parties involved.
  • Coordination and control over contract relations with foreign manufacturers (customers).
  • Conflict management.
  • Assistance in organization of logistics and control over the delivery schedule.
  • Representative services.