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Construction project

There are many arguments for investments into construction in CIS-countries. It still remains profitable, regardless of whether it is a hotel, residential building, industrial facilities, as it can be sold, leased or can generate some operating income. 

If you want to build any object in Russia, Ukraine or other CIS-countries, we can offer you the following services:


  • Site selection and its technical evaluation (involving experts).
  • Consulting on preparation of project documentation (involving experts).
  • Finding an architect and building contractor, carrying through preliminary negotiations on your behalf.
  • Legal consulting on execution of contract.
  • Assistance in passing all the formalities related to obtaining permits and starting construction.
  • Budgeting and construction work scheduling.
  • Construction project management and communication between all parties involved.
  • Quality control and control over compliance with technical requirements (involving experts), follow-up control and reporting on project progress.
  • Changes approval, conflict management and control over corrective measures.
  • Assistance in organization and implementation of construction object acceptance. 
  • Object operation management and monitoring after its commissioning.