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When the winds of changes are blowing,

some put up shelters, while others put up wind mills.

Chinese proverb


The continuing globalization of markets and constantly changing environmental conditions, extremely high competition in business and increased demands for flexibility, reaction rate and customer-oriented approach, are forcing European enterprises to look for entries into the foreign markets. Obviously, each company has different goals, therefore there is no universal solution for expansion. But they all are facing similar problems - how to reach their goals on the overseas markets without special knowledge of their peculiarities, business contacts and work experience on target markets, especially in Eastern Europe? The answer is quite simple – to appeal to an organization which has it all.


European Market Solutions is a young and ambitious company with the headquarters in Bielefeld (Germany). The company specializes in providing comprehensive services on bringing small and middle-size enterprises to foreign markets and realization of different business projects. Our experts, who have long-term experience in working on the Eastern and Western European markets, will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals on markets of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS-countries. We have a wide network of partners and good business contacts in many fields, which helps us solve the most complicated problems. Depending on the method of launching the business chosen by the customer and developed strategy, we select a team of experts with practical skills, individually for each separate project. We value our customers’ time and money, therefore our actions are aimed at meeting the customers’ needs and obtaining the results in the shortest time.


The customers’ success is our prime objective!